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Our Guitar, Bass, Drum, Banjo, Strings, and Harmonica Teachers

Guitar password is nmimusic

Gregg Standridge, Ben Carter, Tim Gregory,

Spencer Grob, Jeff Richardson, Brent Saulsbury

Danielle Tipton, Adam Pruitt

 Bass password is nmimusic

Ben Carter


Drums password is nmimusic

Dean Brown, Kalin Despain

 Banjo password is nmimusic

Brent Saulsbury

Strings password is nmimusic

Miguel Turner


Harmonica password is nmimusic

Tom Carroll

Our Voice, Piano, Woodwind, Brass, and Songwriting Teachers

 Voice password is nmimusic

Danielle Tipton, Crystal Davis, Cora Gutel, Rachel Woodward, Paul Whitehead


Piano password is nmimusic

Ryan Jones, Joel Forlenza,

Grant Wells, Beth Hurst,

Rachel Woodward,

Austin Pendley-Griffin


Woodwind password is nmimusic

Brent Saulsbury, Morris McCraven


Brass password is nmimusic

Grant Wells, Aaron Courtney


Songwriting password is nmimusic

Nate Borofsky



The teachers are genuine and they put as much if not more effort into their students success than the student does. I don't feel intimidated by any instructors. In any school I've been to in the past the teacher wanted you to know how much better he was than me, which I didn't like at all. I don't get that feeling from anyone at this school! - Jimmy G. 

We just love our piano teacher Crystal! We came to her from another teacher using a different set of learning books and he has transitioned well. Crystal and NMI have worked with us to change lesson times when needed. - Jake S. 

The instructors are top notch!  I like that there is glass on the room doors to see inside especially when working with kids. That’s a great feature. Gregg is a great instructor, my daughter and I take guitar lessons from him! He’s professional, personable, and very knowledgeable. - Janine M.

Love the instructors. Dean is so kind and caring, he has created a great bond with my son and has allowed him to feel comfortable and confident in his musical ability! -Dorian L.

You can always find your talented people but they are not necessarily a good teacher. At Norman Music Institute every one can enjoy talent with good teaching skills. And the top of it you always meet a courteous staff welcomes you. - Sahir V. 

All the instructors are great & friendly. Sara is great when we have to adjust our schedule!!
Love making music with NMI!! - Debbie P.